INTU Blinds

INTU blinds are a completely child safe blind system which blends neatly with most modern windows, including tilt and turn, glazed doors and conservatories.

They require no drilling or screwing which means the window or door frames are untouched and are installed quickly and easily using a patented bracket system that clips behind the window bead. This blinds system is available in three products, roller, pleated and venetian all of which will create a simple and elegant finish.

There is a choice from a large range of plain colour to wood effect for venetian and the roller and pleated are available in a substantial range of fabrics from plain to patterned and varied backings including reflective and blackout options.

The operation of the blinds is also very simple, moving the blinds up and down using the bottom bar and the inbuilt cording system holds the blinds at any given position, while the tilting of the venetian slats is done using a simple slider located on the top rail.

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