Wooden Venetian blinds

If you’d like to create a naturally elegant scheme, look no further than our range of Wood Venetian blinds.

Perfectly versatile, they are available in a beautiful selection of natural wood tones, and painted finishes that will blend effortlessly into contemporary or traditional homes. The overall effect is relaxed, calm and welcoming.

Tape adds an extra dash of luxury to a Wood Venetian blind, softening its overall appearance. Choosing a coordinating or contrasting colour tape is a great option for living rooms and bedrooms especially, or other rooms of the home where you want to create a more relaxed feel.

Wood Venetian blinds are available in a variety of slat widths. Each one creates its own unique look - try a wider slat for a sophisticated shutter-style effect. This also allows more light in and provides a better view when the slats are tilted open.

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