An Automated Home and Office

Posted 22/11/2017

The Benefits of Motorised Blinds and Shutters.

In today's world more and more aspects of our lives are becoming automated. From setting the heating and turning lights from your phone ... to asking your voice-activated speaker to play a podcast or music playlist for you.

The home an office is becoming more automated year on year. This is a fact.

At Twice as Nice Blinds we really pride ourselves in our ability to keep up with current trends and cutting-edge technology. One of the most exciting pieces of technology to hit our industry is the, now very accessible, motorised window blinds and shutters market.

Here are a few reasons to consider automated/remote control or motorised blinds or shutters.

Comfort and privacy.
- No matter the shape of your windows, wide or tall... or even heavy blinds, you can now operate them remotely
- Unsightly hanging chains, cords and rods are no longer visible

The Motorised option makes your blinds look better for longer.
- Electric or motorised blinds run much more smoothly, in turn, making them last much longer than normal blinds
- Motorisation enables simple operation at the touch of a button, or automated control via a timer or, indeed, a sensor.

Memorise your favourite blind or shutter position.
- Our technology allows you to create set positions that can be remembered by the software.
- Press your 'MY' button to set the blinds or shutters to your favourite position(s).

Further improve on 'Child Safety' within your home and workplace.
- Removes the need for pull cords.
- Safe to install throughout your home

Improve Home and Office Security
- Automate your blinds or shutters to make it look as though you are home, even when you are not.
- Our timers can be used to suit your normal day-to-day patterns.
- Our sensors can even be used to monitor Solar, Wind and temperature changes to suit your home or office.

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Next time we'll talk about the various options in relation to controlling your motorised blinds or shutters. : )

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