Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters

Posted 27/02/2018

As we head into Spring this fine March (I know I am still looking at Snow on the ground also) it made me think about that lovely feeling of getting to open all the windows a little and let that fresh air spill into the house. It really is a nice feeling. Which brings me to the point of this post. I'd like to talk to you about Plantation Shutters. There are many variations of Plantation Shutters manufactured and fitted by a wide range of companies, but for this example, I am going to stick to Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters and their beauty.

Not only do Bi-Fold Shutters look absolutely stunning in a wide variety of home styles ... they are also extremely functional and hard wearing.

Bi-Fold plantation shutters are a type of plantation shutter that can be used on both windows and doors. They, typically, have hinges in the middle that allow them to be folded up and placed on either side of the door or window.

If they are on a door, they tend to be on a track system, much like cupboard bi-fold doors, and slide to either side of the door, allowing you to open them easily. This is great for a patio door that lets in a lot of sunlight because the plantation shutters will help keep the heat out in the summer while still allowing you to enjoy the natural light... regardless of what season we are in.

On windows, they fold back on hinges so that they rest up against the wall. Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters allow easy access to the window for cleaning and opening the window for a pleasant spring breeze.

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