Child Safety Blinds

Posted 22/08/2017

At Twice as Nice Window Blinds, child safety is one of the most important aspects of any fit. All of our window furnishings are safe to both pets and young children. We offer many options on how to provide a way of concealing or removing cords and chains to avoid anyone getting into problems.

As full members of the British Blind & Shutter Association, our main focus is to ensure we educate all our clients on the safety aspects of every window blind we fit to keep your children safe, and installing confidence that we have your families safety in mind.
Please get in touch with David to have a chat about the many child safety features Twice as Nice Blinds have to offer. In the mean time here are a few...

Child Safety Mono Wand

This allows you to control your blinds RATHER than using chords or chains. It is easy to use. Simply pull the louvres back and forth to open and close the blind, and twist the wand to tilt them.

For use with: Vertical blinds

Child Safety Cord Cleat

For use with cords hanging loose from Venetian, Wood and Pleated Blinds. The cleat is a simple yet effective way of making blinds safe. Attached to a nearby wall and within reach of the blind's cord. When the cord is not in use it is wrapped around the cleat, in turn, keeping it out of the reach of little hands.

For use with: Pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, Wooden Venetian blinds

Child Safety Cord Tidy

The cord tidy works in a similar way to the aforementioned cleat. However, the cords are permanently held between the device's walls so that they never dangle free. The blind's operation is not affected as it allows the cord to run through it freely.

For use with: Vertical blinds, Day and Night blinds, Roman blinds

Child Safety Cord Condenser/Break away

Accumulating two, three, four cords (amount depends on blind width)c ords are individually knotted with an independant cord fed through the base of the condenser this is then used for the lift operation. Eliminating multiply cords and ensures cord entanglement that may form a hazardous loops do not occur.

For use with: Venetian blinds, Pleated blinds, Wooden Venetian blinds

Get in touch with one of our Child Safety Blinds Experts or arrange an appointment today.