Competing with the Big Boys

Posted 11/06/2018

Twice as Nice Blinds and Shutters is a small company with a pretty small network of close team members with David at the forefront of all operations. Being a small, but very experienced, team allows us to ensure that we deliver exactly what you are after... on time and to budget.
We often get happy clients telling us after installation that, due to our reputation and online presence that they thought we were 'quite a big company'. Well, I can assure you that we are not one of the 'big guys'. Our testimonials are proof that we are more than capable of delivering a better product and service than any of these 'big companies'. 

Often we get a call from a client who has been let down by one of the big 4 who have not delivered what the salesperson had promised them. What we generally find is that the salesperson from the 'big company' is only thinking about the sale and, often with little or no experience of the industry just says 'Yes we can do that for you'. This is something that will never happen when you commission Twice as Nice Blinds and Shutters, as the person who is surveying your windows ... will be the person installing your window coverings.

So the next time you hear that (mildly annoying) advert on the radio or get the glossy 4 page A3 brochure through the door ... consider who it is that will be 
1: surveying your windows and 
2: fitting your blinds ?

We supply and fit Blinds and Shutters throughout the City of Glasgow and beyond. Get in touch today and arrange that appointment with one of our experts.