End of Season deals

Posted 02/09/2017

Have you got your glossy leaflet through the door yet? That one that offers you 50% OFF in their 'End of Season Sale'? If you haven't I'm pretty sure you will at some point.

At Twice as Nice Blinds Glasgow we don't really believe in 'end of season sales' ... we believe in giving you great value for money - throughout the whole year. It kind of makes me wonder ... What kind of profit do some of these 'bigger' blind companies make when they are able to supply and fit your blinds ... whilst offering a blanket 50% OFF throughout the country?

50% off?! Really?

We might not be able to advertise on Radio or print and distribute 50 thousand 4 page A4 glossy brochures ... but we can supply and fit great blinds and shutters. We have grown steadily over the years because we do a GREAT job. Not good - GREAT. We honestly believe that we offer superb value for your money. From Blackout Blinds to Plantation shutters Twice as nice Blinds Glasgow offer nothing but the best - at the best prices possible. All Year Round.

By the way. If you are looking at that 'glossy leaflet' and see something you like ... I can guarantee you we will be able to supply and fit them for the same price ... but much quicker and with a wee bit more care and attention.

Get in touch. I'll happily walk you through the process.