Focus on INTU Blinds

Posted 08/03/2018

Your home is a reflection of you, so we know you want to dress your windows with style while gaining maximum shading from the sun. You also want to open and close your windows and doors without damaging your blinds.

INTU blinds complement your windows in both design and functionality, making them the intelligent choice for today’s home. Having no free hanging cord loops is a safety feature unique to all of the INTU range and are completely integral to what the blinds are about.

INTU style with peace of mind
As a member of the BBSA we take safety very seriously. The ChildSafety initiative (of which we are a member of) encourages the use of simple features to help make window blinds safer, particularly for families with young children or pets, and the elderly.

The INTU system's neat and simple control options eliminate unnecessary free hanging cord loops, creating one of the safest blinds you can buy.

More information about safety features for blinds can be found at and BBSA.

INTU Roller, Venetian, Pleated & Cellular blinds.
INTU blinds are ideal for conservatories, glazed doors and tilt and turn windows. They fit neatly into the window bead minimising light gaps and giving you exceptional control of solar heat and the amount of light coming into the room.

A unique tension system prevents the blind from rattling against the glass when you open your window or door. Allowing up to 15 degrees of tilt, you can operate your window or door handles easily with the blind in place. To raise or lower your blind, simply move the bottom rail up or down to any position. 

‘Click to Fit’
The specially developed ‘Click to Fit’ system means blinds now click straight onto the brackets without screws, making INTU blinds even faster and easier to install.  Available as Roller, Venetian, Pleated and Cellular blinds, you can choose from a wide variety of colour options in each.

INTU flexible solutions
INTU provides a range of installation options to fit most sizes of modern windows including larger windows and longer drops.
Talk to one of our Twice as Nice Window Blinds experts to find the best solution for your home, conservatory or office.

We will be posting some more insights into the four different kinds of INTU blinds, but I'm sure (in the meantime) you will agree that these blinds are extremely flexible and ideal for your home.

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