How to Clean your wooden shutters

Posted 15/08/2017

In our previous blog post we spoke about the benefits of installing Plantation shutters in your home. This next post covers how to clean them.

When you first have your plantation, shutters installed you will love the way they look in your home. However, as with anything to keep that look lasting you are going to need to keep on top of cleaning and maintain your shutters. Regular cleaning will keep your shutters looking their best and prevent any dirt build-up which may prove difficult to remove in the future. We fit Plantation shutters throughout Glasgow and indeed all over Scotland. Trust us ... we see how dirty they can get : )

Having Plantation shutters fitted in your home is a great investment and one that you will want to look after. How you clean your shutters and what, if any, products you use should depend on what type of shutters you have had fitted. Depending on the material your shutters are made from we can offer a few tips on cleaning the new addition to your interior design.

Wooden plantation shutters
It is advisable not to use a lot of water or any harsh chemicals when cleaning your wooden shutters. Using too much liquid can damage your shutters, causing them to warp or even rot. Harsh chemicals can also damage the wood so they should be avoided when cleaning your shutters.
The first thing you should do is vacuum your shutters using the brush attachment. This will get rid of a lot of the dust and dirt which has settled on the louvres. Then you should follow this up with a dusting cloth or brush to get up any of the dust which the hoover has missed, concentrate on the places difficult to get to with the vacuum such as where the shutters join the frame. If during this process, you notice any dirt or marks on the surface which will not come up with the dry cloth, first try using a small brush. If the mark still won’t come off then slightly wet the brush with water or any gentle cleaning solution and scrub the area. Be sure to dry the area quickly to avoid any damage of warping.

Polywood or PVC shutters
Any shutter made from synthetic materials can be cleaned using slightly harsher solutions to that of those we would suggest for wooden shutters. The best way to begin cleaning is by using the same method explained for wooden shutters above. Firstly, vacuum using the brush attachment, then go over the shutters with a dry cloth or dusting brush. If you notice and stubborn dirt or marks on the surface, first try just water to remove the dirt and then move on to harsher cleaning products if the mark does not come off.

Be gentle though! : )

We hope that this post has been of some use to you.


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