The psychology of Colour

Posted 15/03/2016

Whether you like it or not ... Colours have a profound influence on how you feel. It can affect how we act and behave but, ultimately, it really can affect your mood.

At Twice as Nice Blinds Glasgow we understand (and see at first hand) how difficult it can be to make decisions on colour. This is because of we, subconsciously, know that it can affect how we feel never mind what other people will think of your choices. Decisions made in relation to interior design are often difficult as we know that we (in most circumstances) are going to have to live with it for a reasonably long period of time.

We offer a very wide range of window blinds and shutters ... but we also offer a variety of finishes and colours.

Here are some colour suggestions and what kind of moods they may create.

Usually regarded as a colour of relaxation. Calming and perfect for that laid-back feeling. It's also a very warming colour.

Many offices use blue as their corporate colour as it often stimulates productivity. A lighter blue might be quite a good idea for a home-office space?

Black can be a great way of adding a touch of sophistication to a room. It's a difficult colour to use in the home but when used properly it can be very powerful. Our Blackout blinds look super stylish ... but also function extremely well. : )

Another colour associated with calmness and comfort. Ideal for that room where you want to unwind.

We can't confess to being your 'interior designer' and we would even suggest you get an expert in to offer some help, but we can pass on our vast experience in working with window coverings in both the home and the office.

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