David of Twice as Nice Window Blinds asks ... Why Shutters

Posted 18/07/2016

Why have plantation shutters become so popular? Apart from their obvious aesthetic appeal and flexibility to fit just about any window and door from traditional sash and bays to modern bi-fold and by-pass.

Plantation shutters are incredibly practical and offer many benefits over more traditional window coverings. Shutters are a great way to control the light by either letting it flood in or block it completely.

They are fantastic at creating a barrier to the outside and help reduce noise, which is perfect for houses that are located on busy roads.

It has also been proven that shutters help reduce heat loss, which is a bonus for your household bills.

They are also very flexible which means that can be made to fit awkward shaped windows from small port holes to large gable ends.

Twice as Nice Blinds and Shutters premium made-to-measure plantation shutters come in a range of materials, styles, colours and options to suit every budget, home style and taste. From the entry level Classic range, to the 100% waterproof Vienna shutters, and the stunning Grovewood shutters, there is something for everyone within our shutter range.