Plantation Shutters

For the ultimate classic and elegant look you need to look no further than Twice as Nice Blinds and Shutters exquisite range of plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are without doubt the window treatment that everyone wants for their homes. Shutters, interior shutters, window shutters, American shutters and shutter blinds, they have many different names used to refer to them.

Plantation shutters where traditionally used in the US plantations, where these window coverings were used to keep the heat out of their homes. Nowadays, it’s more likely that if you are in the UK on a winters night, that you will be more interested in the heat retention properties of interior shutters and research carried out by the English Heritage and Glasgow Caledonian University shows shutters can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows by 62%, so they don't just look great that are also providing a solid insulating layer.

Our shutters are available in numerous options including Full height, Tier on Tier, and Café style. We can even create a shutters to suit shaped windows or doors.

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