Full Height Shutters

As the name suggests, a full-height shutter covers the whole height of the window.

Full height shutters are one of our most popular shutter options as they are versatile, iconic and tremendously robust. Compatible with most windows, Full Height Shutters are suitable for every room in your home, allowing for visual consistency throughout the entire home.

A full-height shutter can include a horizontal mid rail dividing the control of the slats above and below. This gives you much more control of the light getting into your room; you can close the slat below the mid-rail for privacy and leave the slats above the mid-rail open for light. A full-height shutter is ideal for privacy and maximising or minimising the amount of light entering your room.

The most commonly used design across a standard window, with two panels, would be used open like a pair of cupboard doors or bi-folding panels. The number of panels can be altered depending on the size of your window and the design.  Talk to one of our Shutter Experts about your options.

Full Height Shutters are available in all materials, colours and slat sizes.

Advantages of Full Height Shutters:

Available in all materials
Robust and simple design
Versatile for all room types
Best suited to the widest range of window types
Separate light control above and below the mid-rail
Minimal panelling around the slats

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