Special Shape Shutters

Some of the most impressive and satisfying projects that we have completed over the years include shutters that are installed to Special Shaped (awkward) windows or doors. Whether it’s an arched or angled window or even a porthole, Special Shaped Shutters can be the best way to bring out the best in those areas that are the trickiest to dress. We are confident in our ability to be able to provide a 'made to measure' shutter to fit your special shaped window or door and bring out the best in the space without compromising the design of the window behind or the look of the overall area.

Our Special Shaped Shutters allow for amazing spaces to be transformed whilst adding a beautiful finish to your window. They are extremely practical and provide privacy and a practicality to the window.

Our made to measure Special Shape Shutters are designed to fit into any window or door and we are always happy to carry out a, no obligation, site survey. Special Shape Shutters are available in a limited range of materials, dependant on the shape you are after, but we are confident that we can improve the 'Special Shaped' Space.

Advantages of Special Shape Shutters:

Circular, Arched or Angled windows and Doors
Accommodates tricky spaces 
Shutter function is not compromised

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