Tier on Tier Shutters

Similar to the Full Height style, the Tier on Tier Shutter covers the whole height of the window. The difference between Tier on Tier, as the name suggests, is that there are bottom and top tiers of panels. These are completely separated at a specific point up the window - usually half way.

Having independent panels on the top and bottom half of the window allows you to open the whole top half of the shutter panels, whilst leaving the bottom half of the shutters closed. This maximises the light coming in through your window when the top tier is folded open but still allows for privacy on the bottom half. Each panel has its own set of slats that move in unison and independently from the other panels on the window.

This shutter style adds more solid ‘frames’ to each window and there are twice as many panels on Tier on Tier verses the Full height style. Sometimes this can decrease the light that comes through when the shutters are against the window and may not be ideal for wider window designs or very small windows. However they are a hugely popular choice for road facing windows, bay windows and/or Living Room windows where you would like lots of flexibility in the daily use of your shutters.

The Tier on Tier style is available in most materials, colours and slat sizes.

Advantages of Tier on Tier style:

Adds privacy
A separate row of panels on the top and bottom of the window
Flexible control of panels (open the top or bottom halves separately)
Popular in Ground Floor Rooms and Bay Windows

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