Living Room Design: 11 Top Tips to Transform Your Living Room

Posted 11/01/2018

Firstly let me to this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2018. Here's to another great year! Below is our first blog of the year. We hope you find something useful. : )


Are you tired of the way your living room looks? You're not the only one. When the new year comes around, many of us look into how we can spruce up our homes. The trouble is, we don't always know where to start! But that doesn't have to stop you. We've put together a list of fantastic living room design tips to help you, whether you're starting from scratch or looking to introduce just a few changes that make a big impact.

Take a look...

1. Pick the Perfect Colour Palette

Of course, one of the first things you're going to consider when decorating your living room is the colour palette. You may already have a colour scheme in mind based on your personal tastes, you might want to check out some designer's work for inspiration or it might come down to practicality – you could match the colour scheme to the furniture or décor that you've forked out the most for.

2. Arrange Furniture Carefully

If you want a living room you can be proud of then don't just shove the sofa up against one wall and haphazardly place the rest of your furniture where it fits. There are a couple of important things you need to take into consideration when arranging furniture. Firstly, try creating a focal point with furniture, for instance you could create a relaxing, conversation area with seating by the fireplace. Don't forget to consider traffic flow around the room either.

3. Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

An issue that many have is that their living room isn't as large as they would like. Fear not, however, as there are some sneaky little methods you can use to give the appearance of more space. For example, you should make sure those windows are sparkling clean to let in the light and provide the illusion of a wide, open space. That's just one quick tip, for more check out this incredibly useful article.

4. Light It Up Right

It can be mighty tricky to get living room lighting right. In other areas of your home, it can be clearer what kind of lighting you need as it provides an important purpose in say the kitchen or bathroom. In your living room, lighting has less of a utilitarian purpose so try a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting to create a cosy atmosphere.

5. Add Funky Foliage

Houseplants make a great addition to the décor of any room. If you want a plant that will really stand out, avoid the traditional greenery and opt for patterned plants instead. Prayer plants like the one featured in this blog not only have pretty patterns but can also add a pop of colour to your living room as their colours range from deep purples and pinks to neon green. Patterned plants are going to be really trendy in 2018 and it's easy to see why – they're beautiful!

6. Try Decorating in Layers

This is how to take an expert approach to decorating your living room. Think of the space in layers, in other words low, middling and high areas. Decorate the room in a way that encourages the eye to journey up and down while looking around the room. On the lower level you might use a rug to draw the eye, in the middle there might be ornaments and pillows, while up high there might be lamps and artwork.

7. Choose Bold Pieces of Art

Gallery walls have been popular for a while (walls packed with prints, photos and decorations like your own mini gallery). But they're on their way out according to this top interiors blogger, the chicest people are opting for just a single piece of statement art to hang on their wall. You might want to put up a poster, a print or an eye-catching piece of art that accents your living room décor.

8. Don't Forget the Kids

Your children will want a nice space to play and relax too, even if they don't know it themselves! A kid-friendly living room incorporates some more fun elements of design. If your décor is neutral then you probably should bring in some pops of vibrant colour through fabrics and window dressings. Don't forget the practical elements either – make sure furniture is easy to clean and books and toy boxes are easy to reach.

9. Refresh the Room

You don't always need to start from scratch. It's possible to give your living room a wholly new look by refreshing and repurposing items. For instance, if you have some items of furniture such as wooden sideboards and a table that aren't compatible, give them a lick of paint to make them compatible. Refreshing a room is all about getting creative with what you have and spending little in order to make a big difference.

10. Get the Right Size Rugs

Don't be tempted to buy a rug simply because you like the look of it. It might seem like common sense  but it really is important that you know what size of rug you need for your living room. If you get a rug that's too small it could make the whole area look disjointed and we don't want that now do we? In terms of placement, there should be at least 10 to 20 inches of space from the wall.

11. Opt for Wonderful Window Dressings

Obviously one of THE most important design aspects to any living space : ) ... Contemporary window dressings such as Plantation Shutters, Motorised blinds or Perfect Fit blinds are practical and look great. They allow you to control the amount of light that enters your living room and keep the space well-lit (or not if you so wish). What's more, you can opt for a variety of materials such as patterned fabric, wood or metal so that your window dressings complement the overall design of the living area.

If you're interested in updating the look of your living room, get in touch with one of our blinds experts today! <DF>